The Abbaye D’Aulps – Saint-Jean d’Aulps

The Benedictine monks from Molesme in Burgundy came to the Vallée d’Aulps to live on the banks of the Clémant back in 1095. The monks cleared the forest from large areas in the valley, raised cattle and plantes crops, starting up a local economy.

For seven centuries they lived a peaceful religious life, despite the tumultuous problems in the Savoie at large. The edifice was classed as a historical monument in 1902.

The restored monastery farm now houses the stunning Vallée d’Aulps Abbey Discovery Centre. Its theatrically inspired permanent exhibition explains in an easy and interactive way how the monks went about their daily lives and their role in the community, the relations between the Aulps Abbey and the Savoy, the surprising story of the abbey’s destruction and the secrets of its medicinal plants. In addition to the majestic remnants of the abbey, given listed status in 1902, the three-hectare estate includes agricultural buildings, cellars, an ancient gateway, plus a medicinal plant and vegetable garden.

You can visit the Abbey in the summer from 10am to 6.30/7.00pm. Check opening hours for other times of the year. There are guided visits available (in English only on booking) of the abbey and its gardens, the Vallée d’Aulps history including how the first monks arrived.
•    There are Les Flamb’ Aulps’ visits each Monday at 10pm during July and August – a torch lit guided tour of the abbey in French.
•    Check the local tourist office for dates about the Medieval Fetes

For more information: visit the website of the the Office de Tourisme

Abbaye D’Aulps

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