Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is a cross between rock climbing and scrambling and an amazing activity.  Via Ferratas routes (or Iron Roads) are mountain routes equipped with a system of cables, ropes, ladders and bridges that allow access to isolated mountain areas that would be otherwise off-limits to all but experienced climbers. Some Via Ferrata routes require little or no technical skill, while others demand a good dose of physical strength, climbing experience, and a serious appreciation for heights. Routes take between 1 and 4 hours depending on the route.

Via Ferrata Haute Savoie

There are 5 Via Ferrata routes close to Drouzin le Mont, all with easy access. There are a many routes in the Savoie and Haute Savoie and new routes are added each year. You can find a short route for beginners next to the Abbaye D’Aulps in Saint Jean D’Aulps and a gorgeous route near Chapelle d’Abondance.

Saix de Miolène Via Ferrata, Chapelle d’Abondance

The Saix de Miolène Via Ferrata is on a south-facing cliff-face and is open (according to weather conditions) all year long.

The intinerary goes round a steep aerial rock face. It leads through some atractive rocky parts via a succession of ledges and overhangs. There are three distinct sections: the cabri, the chamois and the bouquetin, that may  be joined up if so desired. Several athletic passages, with not that much support in the 2nd and 3rd sections, are reserved for accomplished ‘ferratists’ or those with a guide.

A free brochure of the circuit and further information is available from the Abondance Tourist Office.

You can find more information about this route by visiting the website or

Via Ferrata routes at Saint Jean d’Aulps  – 10 minutes drive from  Drouzin Le Mont.

For those novices and those who want to have a taster; the Mini Via Ferrata on the Rocher de la Chaux is at one end of the main Climbing areas on the Rocher de la Chaux and has 6 sections starting and ending at the same  place.
This mini Ferrata is excellent for beginners and for refreshers. However, the same level of safety and equipment is required. If you have never done Via Ferrata before you must take advice and know how to use the equipment properly. Via Ferrata are great fun and very safe when you have the correct equipment and use it properly. You can hire guides and equipment locally.

For the committed Via Ferrata enthusiasts there are 2 routes on the upper section of the Rocher de la Chaux, a 270m route with a 200m altitude differential. Duration: 2-3 hours. Click here to download the route notes.

Access to the upper section of the Rocher de la Chaux is 20 to 30 minutes walk from the Abbaye d’Aulps. Please note the start of the path is between the barn and first house as you walk from the parking area to the climbing area. Look to your right by the letter box of the first house, you will see the small well camouflaged sign saying Access Via Ferrata.

This crag towers over the Abbaye d’Aulps, there is ample free parking by the Abbaye and the Via Ferrata routes and climbing areas are all accessible within a 10 minute walk. The Abbaye d’Aulps is a 10 minute drive from Drouzin Le Mont and from Morzine.


Please find more information about the Via Ferrata route in Avoriaz here.

Information about Via Ferrata routes in the Savoie and Haute Savoie

Find more information about several routes in the Savoie by visiting scroll down to nr 73. Savoie and 74. Haute Savoie or visit

Guides, equipment and guidebook

A guidebook is available in the apartment, which is also available on Amazon:
in English: Via Ferrata: A Complete Guide to France
or in French (always check for the latest version): Toutes les via ferrata de France

Want to have a go but not sure how to? Then hire the equipment & a guide!

You can rent a helmet, harness and shock absorbers at Olympic Sport, near the start of the Saix de Miolène Via Ferrata in Chapelle d’Abondance – Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 81 60 43 or +33 (0)6 12 78 19 41.

Courses are organised for all levels of climbers, including beginners, for climbing and via ferrata, at the Guides Office.   Tel. : +33(0)6 76 41 61 80  or  +33 (0)4 50 73 54 62 –

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Naef August 29, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Je cherche à organiser une varappe / via ferrata pour environ 15 personnes travaillant à la banque HSBC. Un parcours d’environ 2, 5 heures ou 3 heures avec possibilité de trouver un refuge pour picniquer à l’arriver. Merci pour votre réponse.

Voici mes coordonées:
Anne Naef (0) 58 705 5237

Meilleures salutations

admin August 29, 2011 at 7:33 pm

YOU Said :Hello,
I try to organize a climbing / via ferrata for about 15 people working at the HSBC bank . A course of about 2.5 hours or 3 hours with the possibility of a picnic spot near by. Thank you for your reply

Ma réponse:
Vous pouvez louer l’équipement (casque, harnais et amortisseurs) de sport olympique, près du début de la Miolène Saix de la Via Ferrata de la Chapelle d’Abondance, il peut aussi avoir des contacts guides re & instructeurs – Tél. : +33 (0) 4 50 81 60 43 ou +33 (0) 6 12 78 19 41.

Aussi les cours sont organisés pour tous les niveaux de grimpeurs, y compris les débutants, pour l’escalade et la via ferrata, au Bureau des Guides. Tél. : +33 (0) 6 76 41 61 80 ou +33 (0) 4 50 73 54 62 – Jean-yves.fredriksen @

My reply:
You can hire equipment (a helmet, harness and shock absorbers) from Olympic Sport, near the start of the Saix de Miolène Via Ferrata in Chapelle d’Abondance. He may also have contacts re guides & instructors – Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 81 60 43 or +33 (0)6 12 78 19 41.

Also courses are organised for all levels of climbers, including beginners, for climbing and via ferrata, at the Guides Office. Tel. : +33(0)6 76 41 61 80 or +33 (0)4 50 73 54 62 –

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