Ski-Joering – Combining skiing and horse riding in Haute Savoie

Love Skiing and Horse Riding? Can’t or don’t want to choose between them? Then you will love Ski-Joering! I saw it for the first time just before Christmas when it came to the family friendly ski resort of Drouzin Le Mont here in the Haute Savoie.

ski-joering in the Portes du Soleil, Haute SavoieWhilst the free taster sessions were mostly taken by adventurous children, you can take ski-joering up to completion level.  An ancient means of transport through out Scandinavia, it was introduced to France as a means of accessing ski areas and is now a recognised leisure sport with competitions in the Haute Savoie and beyond.

All you need is basic skis and boots (and warm clothing, gloves and hat) and you can be off along the snow-covered lanes and forest tracks. Steering and control of the horse is easy using the ridged harness and reins. You can even have two people ski-joering behind the same horse.

For those of you how do not know the area; Drouzin Le Mont independent ski resort is about an hours drive from Geneva with easy access to the Portes du Soleil.  Drouzin Le Mont is ideally suited to novice, beginner and intermediate skiers, as well as families with younger children.

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Josie Day December 10, 2012 at 8:05 am

Hello, I hope you can help me, I live in Slovenia and I want to start ski joering with my Haflinger. I have a leather harness, but I have no idea where to buy the rigid poles and snow protector which attach behind the horse. I can’t find anywhere that sells this part. I have been looking at them I and think they look the same as a slalom gate, am I right. If so where would I buy such a thing. We do have skiing in Slovenia I just want to be sure of what I’m looking for. I have sent lots of emails to lots of people but no replies yet! Please write back to me I need help.!You can relpy in French if it is easier . Thank you very much. Josie Day

admin December 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Hi Josie,

I suggest your contact Samuel BAILLY as he organises the Ski-joering at Drouzin Le Mont and surrounding areas.

Le ranch du lac
74260 LES GETS

• Tél. : +33 (0)6 08 18 78 54
• Web :


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