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We have friends with young children who are keen skiers and want to go on a family ski holiday and yet don’t because they can’t see a way of doing it without a huge effort and cost.

They love the idea of their young children learning to ski when they are young and of being together as a family on the slopes as well as getting a little time for themselves amongst some fresh powder. For most it seems that it’s a long break from skiing until the kids get ‘old enough’.sledging at Drouzin le Mont

Well, if you have a young family and still want to have a winter holiday then we have some tips to help you enjoy your ski holiday that has worked for us and for many of our friends.

Team up with others, it doesn’t have to be another young family; parents and couples without children often help calm, balance and support the whole group.

Choose a family friendly resort, such as Drouzin Le Mont where your accommodation is very close to the nursery area, ski school and the ski lifts. Once young children have had enough, it is best to get back quickly to some where which is warm and comfortable (a hot chocolate in the local restaurant does wonders)

Choose a family friendly resort that is not over crowded, where your children have all they freedom they want and you can easily keep track of them.

Young children benefit from being familiar with an area and skiing the same runs repeatedly, so a large resort with loads of red and black runs are best kept for those days off. Choose a compact resort with a variety of runs that will aid progression. We recommend Drouzin Le Mont and other family friendly resorts close by such as Abondance for beginners and intermediates.

Book accommodation that is large enough to fit everyone comfortably or smaller accommodation for each group which is close by (preferably in the same block). So, when you want or need a day’s rest, you stay relaxed and continue to have a wonderful time.

Take turns in looking after the children while the others get to do their own thing for a few hours or even more.

And most of all: relax, chill and have fun! You are on holiday

We have had two wonderful Christmas’ holidays at Penthouse Les Iris in Drouzin Le Mont with our sister(-in-law), her husband and their three lovely, very energetic and demanding children: two boys now aged 5 and 3 and their younger 1 year old sister and some friends. We split the morning and afternoons, shared the childcare, chores and skiing.

This year, the 5-year-old got to go on the ‘big lift’ with daddy and to ski his first green run. Awesome!


Anyone familiar with the Portes du Soleil and Chablais mountains will know that two years ago Abonance ski resort closed after the local council withdrew funding. There have been rumours of links with Drouzin le Mont and outside developers taking over the running of Abondance. Well the ski resort’s future is secure for the next 12 years at least.

The American entrepreneur Gregory Lynn (aka Woody) Sherwood has done a deal with the local mayor to develop and run the ski resort for the next 12 years under a new company called Abondance Ski Valley (SVA). Rumours are that Woody Sherwood wants to use Abondance ski resort to demonstrate the effectiveness of his new design of snow cannon that can operate in conditions several degrees warmer than anything else on the market.

At present it is unclear whether Abondance Ski Valley (SVA) will continue to have a nominal link with the Portes du Soleil. Nor has there been any comment on a possible link with Drouzin le Mont ski resort.

Abondance, Drouzin le Mont and Saint Jean d’Aulps Roc d’Enfer Ski resorts are three of the satellite resorts to the Portes du Soleil that make a great ski (or snowboard) safari. A different resort every day, ideal to get your ski legs developed or back at a fraction of the price you pay for a Portes du Soleil pass.

posted on the 31st August 2009