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Update on Drouzin Le Mont Ski Resort

Many will be aware that political wrangling resulted in Drouzin Le Mont Ski resort being closed last season (December 2012 to April 2013) and there has been real concern about the possible permanent closure. Well there is some good news: The local council will open the nursery area for the 2013/14 season.

The two lifts immediately opposite the apartments (Teleski du Col & Teleski la Joux) will definitely be running, although we are still waiting for confirmation of when the lifts will open and close for the season.

There is also consideration being given to developing a infant play area that will include a tobogganing and tubing area: see link for more details and photos of possibilities.



The Le Biot Mayor’s office has confirmed the “go ahead” for a new development at Drouzin le Mont containing a restaurant, shop, bar, locker room and toilets. Work is scheduled to start in September 2013 and  is likely to be completed for the 2014/15 ski-season.

It will replace the current ticket office and toilet block and is the first phase  of “Montagne Douce” (Translate Sweet or Fresh Mountain) which redevelops the resort gradually.




Just a short update on what is happening with Drouzin le Mont Ski resort: The current operator has decided to give up the lease (which is surprising as he has spent a lot of money expanding, modernising and renovating over the last 3 years) and there are several groups wanting to take it over. The not so good news is that the local council of Le Biot seems to have first refusal and like all politicians world wide, they go for short term options and even then they can not make up their mind.

There has been numerous meetings and although no one has seen anything in writing, the word is that the local council will operate the 3 drag lifts for the lower part of the resort this season. Not sure when the season will start or finish (but one assumes it will be the traditional Christmas week start – Saturday 22nd December 12 and end the last week of March 2013). See below for what ski area is likely to look like,  click to get full size version:

For those of us that are familiar with the resort; having the 3 drag lifts (Teleski La Jour, du Col and La Frasse) open gives access to the recently expanded and renovated beginner/ easy intermediate ski area. (Le Col, Grand Pont, Petit Pont, La Jour, La Fasse and the variations off these runs.)

For those snow-hounds looking for something a little more challenging and who are prepared to walk from the top of Teleski du Col up Le Cherveuil for about 15 – 20 minutes: you will almost certainly be rewarded with virtually untouched power at red and black levels. Try your luck on the top of La Muret (K) and connect with the La Frasse to return to the lift. La Chamois will give intermediate skiers a longer red run for their money and Le Lievre is a short but exciting black run – all your our doorstep.

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Please note while we have published this article is good faith,  we do not have control over the local council or what actually happens; we will be updating our website as soon as we get any further news.


Anyone familiar with the Portes du Soleil and Chablais mountains will know that two years ago Abonance ski resort closed after the local council withdrew funding. There have been rumours of links with Drouzin le Mont and outside developers taking over the running of Abondance. Well the ski resort’s future is secure for the next 12 years at least.

The American entrepreneur Gregory Lynn (aka Woody) Sherwood has done a deal with the local mayor to develop and run the ski resort for the next 12 years under a new company called Abondance Ski Valley (SVA). Rumours are that Woody Sherwood wants to use Abondance ski resort to demonstrate the effectiveness of his new design of snow cannon that can operate in conditions several degrees warmer than anything else on the market.

At present it is unclear whether Abondance Ski Valley (SVA) will continue to have a nominal link with the Portes du Soleil. Nor has there been any comment on a possible link with Drouzin le Mont ski resort.

Abondance, Drouzin le Mont and Saint Jean d’Aulps Roc d’Enfer Ski resorts are three of the satellite resorts to the Portes du Soleil that make a great ski (or snowboard) safari. A different resort every day, ideal to get your ski legs developed or back at a fraction of the price you pay for a Portes du Soleil pass.

posted on the 31st August 2009