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Winter scenes and skiing at Drouzin Le Mont. Thanks to


Calling all Amateur Photographers, residents, visitors and anyone with a camera visiting Le Biot, Le Corbier, L’Arblay or Drouzin le Mont in 2010.


The local residents association is running a free Amateur Photography Competition. You can have whatever theme or subject you like. So if you take that perfect photo, something that captures the sense of the moment, the feel of the area or just a great family picture, share it with the all of us that know and love the area. – You may even win a prize!


There are a few simple rules:


  1. You must be a resident or visitor to the Col du Corbier and Le Biot area during 2010.
  2. All photos must be taken on the territory of Le Biot, the Col du Corbier, Drouzin Le Mont or Mount Ouzon in the Haute Savoie, France.
  3. All photos must be taken in 2010 between I January and 31 December 2010.
  4. You may submit a maximum of 4 Photos.
  5. All entries must be submitted via email to by 15th February 2011.

There will be a public screenings of all entries to the Col du Corbier Residents Association Amateur Photography Competition 2010 in Le Biot and Le Corbier with a jury to award prizes.

So when you are out and about in Le Biot, the Col du Corbier, Drouzin Le Mont or Mount Ouzon make sure you have your camera to capture those wonderful moments that you can then share with loved ones, friends and maybe even win a prize or two!

Please note: written permission of the authors will be sought prior to any of the photographs entered in the completion being used for other purposes


Any dispute regarding this competition will settled by the office of the Col du Corbier Residents Association  (ARCC).

How to send in your photographs:

To make it easy for you to send and the organiser to process and present your photographs please save and prepare them using the following 5 simple rules:




  1. Reduce file size of your photograph. Why? Most photos will be taken with high resolutions which uses lots of memory and makes a file size very large which can then create problems when emailing them. When you save the file choose the 72dpi setting (DPI = dots per inch)
  2. Save the photograph in JPG format
  3. Keep the size of photo between : Minimum 800×600 Maximum; 1024×768
  4. Each photo must not exceed 200KB
  5. To make sure the organiser knows the photo belongs to you and can contact you; your photos should be identified by the name of the file name using this format: Surname First name – Number (no spaces). JPG

Example; The first photograph submitted by Michel Dupond will have the file name: DupondM-l.jpg (you do not enter JPG as this is added to the file name automatically when you save the photo as a JPG).

Each competitor will title their email entry as: “Concours photo ARCC”

Each competitor must include the following in their email entry:
Their full name, their address and a title for each image

Please send any questions and ideas about the competition to the organiser of the ARCC Amateur Photograph Competition 2010 :
Fleury JC, Assist Castelain Didier email:

Good luck!